Below is a list of the songs of Winter in Tumultua album by City of the Asleep hosted here.
The microtonal music by City of The Asleep is hosted here by permission of the composer Igliashon Jones for your study and enjoyment.
Iglisashon asked that his experience, and eventual dissatisfaction, with microtonal composition be made known to you as compensation for
making this music available to you. Please follow this link to read about his experience: Why NOT Microtonality: The Confessions of a Recovering Microtonalist

eight people
trucks from the sea
this was all a mistake
stumble cracks
legacy of an abandoned liquor store
rack the clouds
electronic mice in the walls
enemies of the sidewalk
where car stereos go to die
freezing the ports
daytime television
concrete windowscape
Notes on Winter in Tumultlua (pdf)

The full Creative Commons 3.0 original distribution zip file of the complete album and notes.

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