I am personally impressed with the consitantly high quality of the compositions and their production despite over a decade passing since this album was produced.
Thanks goes to Neil Haverstick for making this CD available.
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This work, words and music, is copyright 1998 by their respective owners and is presented here for microtonal music educational purposes. The scanned program notes follow below the music listing:
01-Mood of Neptune-Ashes Before the Sky.mp3
02-12x12-Evening in Landcox Park.mp3
03-Citified Nations.mp3
04-Glass Lake.mp3
05-Snake Dance.mp3
07-Pient Molles.mp3
09-Limp Off to School.mp3
11-Just On Time.mp3
13-Duet for Morphine and Cymbal.mp3
14-New Awakening.mp3