Angels & Ions performed and recorded by Jon L Smith.

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01 Angels & Ions
Evolution Po210-84P-125N 02 Force of Attraction
Gems 03 Hendecahedron
04 PhotoChroma
Super Black Hole
Space so vast
   You're not there
Love won't last
   You don't care

Peace not found
   There's no light
Make no sound
   You're in flight

Love is a singularity
Love is a singularity
Love is a singularity
Love is a singularity
05 Singularity
Pyramid Head 06 Tangent
07 VanishingPoints
A Rose By Any Other Name 08 Irina
Braains 09 Neuropathoptera
10 transNouveau express
N-transit 11 N-Transit
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Download the entire album as 48k 32-bit wav
"Force of Attraction"   13et, entirely uses Ivor VSTi except for percussion
"Tangent"    9 of 26et
"PhotoChroma"   11-tone pelendro3 JI
"VanishingPoints"  11 under-series
"Angels & Ions"   14 under-series
"N-transit"   11et
"Irina"   12-tone well-temperament of 71-tone PHI tuning
"Hendecahedron"   11et
"transNouveau express"   11et
"Neuropathoptera"   9 of 71-tone PHI tuning, another pelendro
"Singularity"   12 of 71-tone PHI tuning

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