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Madonna, il poco dolce                                                                               (31-tone extended meantone)

Nicola Vicentino (1511-1572)


Prayer of Thanks                                                                    (11-limit just intonation spiral)

Andrew Heathwaite (music), Carey Smith (lyrics)


Thereminnards                                                                                    (14 equal divisions of the octave)

Ralph Lewis


Twang                                                                                                                            (quartertones)

Michael A. Garman


Idana Konya                                                                                            (traditional tuning)

traditional Bulgarian


Microscopic Germs                                                                                          (quartertones)

Dan Sedgwick (music), Ryan Stickney (lyrics)


One for All                                                                                           (7-limit just intonation)

Ryan Stickney


Sagittal Daze                                                                                               (Eighth Octave Overtone)

Johnny Reinhard



Immortality                                                                                   (wholetones and semitones)

Angelos Quetzalcoatl


Prelude Sonido 13 and Etude No. 1                                                                        (quartertones)

Julián Carrillo


Tribute to Van Halen                                                                                                   (quartertones)

Angelos Quetzalcoatl


Ruckus from the Quiet Zone                                                                       (7-limit just intonation)

Ralph Lewis


Five in 5                                                                                              (7-limit just intonation)

Denny Genovese


The World Ignites                                                                             (11-limit just intonation)

Andrew Heathwaite (music), Carey Smith (lyrics)


Land Urchin                                                                                      (11-limit just intonation)

Jacob A. Barton



Mid-Session Concert ~ July 28th, 2011


Harmolette and the Psaltry Dogs

 => Waterfall by Marji Gere

=> Microscopic Germs by Dan Sedgwick


Group 2

=> Yawn  by Michael Garman

=> Sagittal Daze by Johnny Reinhard


Group 3

=> An Ensemble Piece


The Chrysalis Weed Whacker Massacre

=> Free Tuning by Chris Vaisvil

=> Waltz in B flat by Steven Kandow

=> Thereminnards by Ralph Lewis

=> Quarter tone Chorale by Steven Kandow

=> A La Snog by Jacob Barton


 Harmolette and the Psaltry Dogs

=> One for All by Ryan Stickney

=> Drone by Ryan Stickney


=> Michael Salvucci

 Lecture on Generative Harmonic Series Program


=> Joey Di Nardo

Thoughts on Composition








Participants of Xenharmonic Praxis Summer Camp 2011:


Elizabeth Adams

Jacob A. Barton

Douglas Blumeyer

Joey Di Nardo

Michael A. Garman

Denny Genovese

Marji Gere

Nick Gideo

Andrew Heathwaite

Steven Kandow

Ralph Lewis

Angelos Quetzalcoatl

Johnny Reinhard

Michael Salvucci

Dan Sedgwick

Ryan Stickney

Toby Twining

Chris Vaisvil


Xenharmonic Praxis Summer Camp is presented by Oddmusic International and UnTwelve. 


Special thanks to Roxanne Sawhill, the Gesundheit! Institute and School for Designing a Society.